The IVSO Board


The Board Offices:

Andrea B. Kowalski, Ottawa, President

Rex Benson, Ottawa, Vice President

Marilyn Hurley, Peru, Secretary

Peggy Etheridge, Peru, Treasurer

Larry Ault, Ottawa

Vince Gelsomino, Princeton

Steven Gonzalo, Ottawa

Helga Interrante, Oglesby

Peter Janssen, Peru

Mike Kasap, LaSalle

Laurel Maze, Peru

Michael Pecherek, LaSalle

Erin Stuedemann, Ottawa


General Manager/ Personnel

Barbara Lukancic, Spring Valley


Endowment Manager

Joseph Wolf, LaSalle


The IVSO Guild:

The Illinois Valley Symphony Guild is a nonprofit organization that supports the IVSO. The mission of the Guild is to work in harmony with other supporting agencies and to enhance awareness of and interest in the orchestra. Members provide services including receptions, ushering, and flowers. Anyone interested in joining is invited to call (815) 250-0133.


Guild Officers:

Nan Butler, President

Pet Karamer, Treasurer

Vicki Marshall, Secretary


Wendy Asphahani, Ushers

Charlotte Oglesby, Flowers

Mavis Kucharz, Receptions

Laura Robinson, Receptions